Prevents Being Stranded Because of a Low Battery.

E-Trak Marine is a High Tech Marine Battery Management System That is Designed For All Boats and Sea Craft.  

• Monitors entire electrical system

  • Battery/Battery Pack

  • Starting system

  • Charging system

• Download performance data to your laptop

• Most advanced battery management system

  • Battery disconnect (One battery system)

  • Battery separator  ( Start battery and auxiliary battery)

• Easy installation

• Gives you peace of mind while on the water

​​E-Track Marine Maintenance Alerts:

Battery Conditions

• State of Health 

• State of Charge 

• Leakage Current

Starter Prognosis

• Power and Energy Profile

• Trend Analysis

• Cycle Counts and Total Time

Battery Terminal Corrosion

• Abnormal Voltage Drop


• Over/Under Charging

• Abnormal Waveform

Alert Indicator