Patented technology engineered for your peace of mind.  

E-Trak Marine continuously monitors the health condition of the primary electrical system: batteries, starter, alternator and cables. It’s the most advanced battery management system on the water. E-Trak Marine tracks irreversible aging, corrosion, or abnormalities that require the attention of a technician or maintenance providers before a hard failure occurs. This  ensures ample time for you to schedule maintenance while providing peace of mind while on the water.  

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Installation of E-Trak Marine unit with contactor and battery.

​​Maintenance Alerts:

Battery Conditions

• State of Health 

• State of Charge 

• Leakage Current

Starter Prognosis

• Power and Energy Profile

• Trend Analysis

• Cycle Counts and Total Time

Battery Terminal Corrosion

• Abnormal Voltage Drop


• Over/Under Charging

• Abnormal Waveform

Alert Indicator

• RED = Maintenance Required

• Short Detected