Patented technology engineered for your peace of mind.  

E-Trak Marine continuously monitors the health condition of the primary electrical system: batteries, starter, alternator and cables. It’s the most advanced battery management system on the water. E-Trak Marine tracks irreversible aging, corrosion, or abnormalities that require the attention of a technician or maintenance providers before a hard failure occurs. This  ensures ample time for you to schedule maintenance while providing peace of mind while on the water.  


Maintenance alert given before getting on the water.

E-Trak Marine will disconnect  the battery circuit after a time-out period to preserve battery energy. This feature allows for anchoring, mooring, dry docking without dealing with a switch to disconnect the battery. The battery remains disconnected so you never have to worry about leaving a switch on or having to manually disconnect the battery.  This is very simple compared to dual battery systems and other product offerings. It works with starting, deep-cycle, dual-purpose batteries and most electronic or electrical configurations.


The E-Trak Marine module is easily mounted in the battery or engine compartment. It controls a contactor, which connects or disconnects the battery circuit.

E-Trak Marine will work on boats with multiple batteries. This revolutionary product monitors the boats electrical system sending an alert before the battery, alternator, starter or primary cables fail. This patented product also disconnects all the loads draining the battery, always allowing enough charge to start the engine. E-Trak Marine works with all battery types and sizes. It covers boats of all sizes from small to large, fishing boats, sailboats, twin power and ships. E-Trak Marine is the most revolutionary battery management electrical monitoring system on the market. With E-Trak Marine you’ll have peace of mind while on the water.  If you rely on batteries to start your boat then you need E-Trak Marine. 

E-Trak Marine is transparent to the Captain.
Here’s how it works.

E-Trak Marine works behind the scene. You have nothing special to do. The engine(s) is started and stopped in the normal fashion. All E-Trak Models automatically open and close the battery circuit based on key position and other conditions. This feature includes operation with the key off; while docked, moored, drifting, etc. The contactor opens the battery circuit to ensure there is enough energy for the next start. With Model 3000 the house batteries remain connected. You don’t have to turn a switch or remember to disconnect the battery(s). E-Trak Marine does that for you with key off. It opens the battery circuit after 4 hours or low battery voltage. It resets when the key is turned on.



E-Trak Marine has two built in LED lights. The GREEN status light indicates operation is normal, meaning the electrical system has a clean bill of health. The RED LED is a maintenance alert similar to the “check engine” light on a car.  A technician or service provider should check the batteries and electrical system in the near future. E-Trak Marine is normally mounted near the batteries or in the engine compartment. Periodically check the status lights.


There is a dash mounted red LED alert light. This is primarily used with model 3000 to warn of a low start battery as opposed to house battery while on the water with the engine off.

Download Data To Your Laptop

  1. Statistical Data - # of cycles and the total accumulated time

  2. Event Data - Chronological order of events (Key Off, Key On, Starts, Faults, Repower, etc.)

  3. Start Data – Key Performances Indicators for last 100 starts (SOC,SOH, Ave Power, Ave Energy, Cable Efficiency)

  4. Historical Data – Record of KPIs from new to present (Trend analysis, maintenance alert, fault recognitions)

E-TRAK Download Instructions: Download Instructions

Sample Data Report: Download Sample Data

Model 2000 Operation:

This model is for boats with one battery or battery pack.

  • The start battery circuit is connected with key ON or START positions.

  • The start battery circuit is disconnected after 4 hours with the Key OFF or a low battery state of charge. This allows for electrical devices to be operated on the water while ensuring the engine can be restarted.

  • There is a dash mounted red LED alert light.

  • Works with all battery technologies, battery banks, types and sizes.

  • Monitors batteries, starting system and charging system cables and components.

  • Event Recorder – keeps track of usage (start cycles, total hours, date/time stamp of events, total hours by category) – requires optional cable for downloading the data.  


Model 3000 Operation:

This model is for boats with separate start batteries and house batteries.

  • Connects start and auxiliary batteries while charging (engine running or shore power).

  • Automatically separates auxiliary batteries to protect starting batteries from discharging.

  • There is a dash mounted red LED alert light.

  • Auxiliary loads continue to operate without interruption,  lighting, trolling motor, bilge pumps, live wells, etc.

  • Disconnects auxiliary batteries from starting batteries when key is off for extended period. Ideal for mooring or docking for extended periods.

  • Provides power boost for starting any time the start battery voltage drops below the auxiliary battery voltage.

  • Monitors batteries, starting system and charging system and cables.

  • Event Recorder – keeps track of usage (start cycles, total hours, date/time stamp of events, total hours by category) – requires optional cable for downloading the data.

​​Maintenance Alerts:

Battery Conditions

• State of Health 

• State of Charge 

• Leakage Current

Starter Prognosis

• Power and Energy Profile

• Trend Analysis

• Cycle Counts and Total Time

Battery Terminal Corrosion

• Abnormal Voltage Drop


• Over/Under Charging

• Abnormal Waveform

Alert Indicator

• RED = Maintenance Required

• Short Detected

Installation of E-Trak Marine unit with contactor and battery.

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